Micro Tact Switches for Precise Applications


CHAMPWAY factories, which are established and built up in China in 2003, professionally delicate to all kinds of ODM and OEM switches and connectors manufacture for worldwide brand connector makers. 

In 2003, Global Sales Headquarter is set up in Grand Taipei City in Taiwan. A trusted connector manufacturer specializing in micro tact switches. By the continue integrations in each respects for decade, CHAMPWAY develop the strong core competitive advantage step by step, including product development, material purchase to product-supply to the customers. 

CHAMPWAY products can be widely used in all kinds of fields, such as Consumer Electronic Products(Mobile phone, DSC, Tablet PC, NB), Clouding facilities, Car application, Home appliance, Medical equipments, Communications and Internet application...etc. 

To keep the company core ideas "Innovation, Execution, Reward", CHAMPWAY continuously keeps providing the connector more rapidly, more diversely and in higher quality. And we expect to be one of Global best electric component suppliers and connector manufacturers.