DC Power Sockets for Electrical Devices


DC JACK is a plug/socket interface used for direct current power supply, commonly used in electronic devices such as laptops, cameras, and lamps. DC JACK is compact, convenient, and reliable, and can adapt to different power supplies through different specifications and sizes. Due to its wide application in modern electronic devices, it has become an indispensable accessory in modern electronic products.

Trusted DC Power Jack Supplier

As a trusted DC power jack supplier, Champway leads the industry in providing high-quality power connectivity solutions for consumer electronics products. Our DC power sockets are the backbone of reliable power distribution in mobile phones, digital cameras, tablets, and laptops. With a commitment to excellence, we ensure seamless power delivery to keep your devices running smoothly.

Quality DC Power Sockets

Champway is synonymous with quality when it comes to DC power sockets. As a leading supplier, our dedication to precision engineering is evident in every product we offer. These sockets play a crucial role in consumer electronics, from mobile phones and digital cameras to tablets and laptops, ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Customized OEM and ODM Solutions

In addition to being a premier DC power jack supplier, Champway offers customized OEM and ODM solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond standard products. Whether you're in the consumer electronics, cloud devices, automotive, home appliance, medical equipment, or network communications industry, count on us to provide customized power solutions that meet your specific needs.