High-Quality Micro Snap Action Switches

CHAMPWAY factories, which are established and built up in China in 2003, professionally delicate to all kinds of ODM and OEM switches and connectors manufacture for worldwide brand connector makers. In 2003, Global Sales Headquarter is set up in Grand Taipei City in Taiwan.

High-Quality Custom Connectors

Discover our premium range of custom connectors designed to meet the exacting standards of the consumer electronics industry. With a focus on precision engineering and reliability, CHAMPWAY's custom connectors ensure seamless connections in devices like smartphones, digital cameras, and tablets. Explore our versatile connector solutions for your specific application needs.

Micro Snap Action Switches for Precision

CHAMPWAY brings you micro snap action switches renowned for their precision and durability. These switches are the backbone of various industries, from automotive to healthcare. With a commitment to quality, our switches provide exceptional performance and are trusted by leading manufacturers worldwide. Explore our range and experience unmatched reliability.

Custom Solutions - Your OEM/ODM Partner

Beyond our standard offerings, CHAMPWAY is your trusted partner for custom solutions. Our OEM and ODM services are tailored to your unique requirements, ensuring that your products stand out in the competitive market. Collaborate with us to transform your ideas into reality, with the assurance of quality and precision that defines CHAMPWAY.