Mini Slide Switches for Compact Devices


A slide switch, also known as a toggle switch or a lever switch, has a slide or toggle mechanism that moves internal contacts to make or break electrical connections. The switch is triggered by moving a lever, which activates the contacts and causes the circuit to open or close. Slide switches come in both through-hole and surface mount versions and are available in a variety of configurations, including 1P2T, 1P3T, 1P4T, 2P2T, 2P3T, 2P4T, 4P2T, and 4P3T. They are commonly used for power on/off or mode switching in electronic products such as 3C devices, handheld equipment, security systems, and medical devices.

Elevate Your Electronics with CHAMPWAY Slide Switches

CHAMPWAY, your trusted slide switch factory, brings you high-performance mini slide switches that are perfect for a wide range of applications. Our precision-engineered switches are designed to meet the demands of consumer electronics, automotive, home appliances, medical equipment, and more.

With a commitment to quality, we ensure that our mini slide switches provide reliable and smooth operation. Choose CHAMPWAY to enhance your electronic devices with the finest slide switches available.

Customized Solutions for Your Slide Switch Needs

At CHAMPWAY, we understand that every project is unique. As a leading slide switch factory, we offer customizable options for our mini slide switches. Whether you need specific dimensions, actuation force, or other features, we can tailor our switches to meet your exact requirements.

Experience the flexibility of customization without compromising on quality. Trust CHAMPWAY for slide switches that fit seamlessly into your electronic designs.

OEM and ODM Excellence with CHAMPWAY

CHAMPWAY goes beyond standard offerings by providing exceptional OEM and ODM solutions for slide switches. Our commitment to excellence extends to helping you realize your unique vision for your electronic devices.

With CHAMPWAY, you not only get high-quality slide switches, but you also gain a partner who understands your specific needs. Elevate your products with our customized solutions and precision-engineered mini slide switches.

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